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Law Firm Looking for HD Radio Lemons

Law Firm Looking for HD Radio Lemons

Sep 1, 2010 10:00 AM, By Mark Krieger

Call it a sign that HD Radio is finally going mainstream, or just another example of lawyers gone wild. Any way you slice it, the trial attorneys at Keefe Bartels are actively seeking new car buyers who’ve had a sour experience with HD Radio.

Plaintiff law firms that specialize in class action suits typically trawl for groups of people with a common complaint about a particular service or product. In this case, attorneys from Keefe Bartels seem be homing in on Web forum posts about poor performance from HD Radios included in high-end BMW and Jaguar OEM audio packages.

Both carmakers were early adopters of OEM HD Radio, and BMW was the first to offer it across their entire line.

A Web ad for the New Jersey law firm refers to complaints it’s received about HD Radio receivers “plagued by an inability to receive the digital signals transmitted by FM and AM radio stations and a significantly reduced sound quality when such signals are received.” The website also promises that the law firm is “hard at work doing their part to protect the public from misleading and deceptive business practices that harm consumers,” and asks if “you or someone you know recently experienced problems with a HD car radio in a newly purchased or leased BMW or Jaguar automobile, please contact the attorneys … to see if they can help you.”

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