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Mediamobile’s Andrew Nash Interviewed About Future of European Digital Radio

The interview is offered as a podcast

IVRY-SUR-SEINE, France�TU-Automotive�sJan Stojaspal has interviewed Andrew Nash,Mediamobile�sAutomotive Director, about the future of digital radio in Europe, particularly with respect to in-car listening. The interview is offered as apodcast, and it makes for interesting listening. Clearly Mr. Nash believes that radio will be used around Europe for many years. �

�Everyone�s expecting radio in their car, and that isn�t going to change for the foreseeable future.� What has changed is the explosion of smartphone and GSM use by all members of the public and all levels of the marketing segment, and car makers and car customers are wanting to know how they can benefit from that in their car,� said Nash.� �What they don�t know is how they�re going to pay for it, how they�re going to get reliable services and they also don�t know whether it�s attached to the car, or the individual driver.� And these are some of the challenges that have to be addressed.�

Earlier this year, Mediamobile announced the launch V-Traffic, the first German national traffic and travel service on DAB digital radio.