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New Debuts

New Debuts

Apr 6, 2011 11:27 AM, By Mark Krieger, the official website of the HD Digital Radio Alliance, has a new look.

The Alliance, an industry consortium actively engaged and invested in the promotion of HD Radio technology, launched the site roughly five years ago in an attempt to increase public awareness and spur sales of compatible receivers. But marketing strategies have shifted significantly during that time, and the site’s re-launch, which went public on March 28, reflects an increased emphasis on user-friendly content and social media marketing.

Diane Warren, president of operations for the Alliance, says the changes are research-based and center on consumer desires to have a one-stop shop that provides ready access to station listings and detailed multicast channel format information, as well as product information and purchase points. To that end, dedicated search tools are now provided for both.

Warren noted that the new site also aims to build a better understanding of how HD Radio technology works, and the added functionality and feature set it offers consumers.

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