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New Local DAB+ Network for Trondheim Goes On-Air

A new, local DAB+ network has been turned up for the Trondheim region in Norway

OSLO�A new, local DAB+ network has been turned up for the Trondheim region in Norway.

The network was put into trial operation on Friday, March 20, with five local radio stations, including Proper Radio; P8 Pop; City channel P5; and news channel Radio 247.� The student station �Radio Revolt� will start broadcasting soon, according to

�With the new local network, it becomes easier to put local content on the radio�and there is room for more,� said Ole J�rgen Torvmark, CEO of Digital radio Norway.� �Easier technology will make it possible even for clubs and associations to operate radio.�

The new DAB+ network multiplex has the capacity to carry as many as 20 radio stations.� Trondheim is already covered by the Norway�s national DAB+ network, which carries 22 different stations.

Norway is anticipating a complete transition from FM service to DAB+ service in the near future�sometime between 2017 and 2019.� 90% of the population of Norway is already served by the 22-station national DAB+ network; the coverage requirements set forth by the Government, as a requirement for the switchover, have been met.� The precise plan for the switchover will be made known once further requirements are met.��