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New Regional DAB+ Networks Planned for the Netherlands

As of March 15, new stations Omroep Zeeland and Radio Rijnmond are available in the southwest corner of The Netherlands, via DAB+, on channel 9D

AMSTERDAM�As of March 15, new stations (Omroep Zeeland and Radio Rijnmond) are available in the southwest corner of The Netherlands, via DAB+, on channel 9D, according to� This is the first of several regional DAB+ networks that are being constructed across that country.� In the coming months, more regional DAB+ networks are due to be turned up.

On the first of May of 2015: Brabant, Limburg, Betuwe, on channel 7A with Omroep Brabant, L1 and Radio Gelderland; Groningen, Drenthe, Overijssel, Gelderland, Friesland eastern, eastern Flevoland on channel 6B with Radio Gelderland, Drenthe Radio, Radio North, East Radio, Omrop Omroep Flevoland and Friesland; Friesland, Wadden Sea and northern North Holland, on channel 9D with Omrop Friesland and RTV NH.

On the first of September of 2015: South Holland and Greater Amsterdam on channel 8A with RTV NH, Radio West, Radio Rijnmond, Radio M Utrecht, Omroep Flevoland, Decibel, Wild FM Hitradio and Fresh FM.

On the first of January 2017: A regional network will be turned up for the province of Utrecht via DAB+ on channel 8A. There will be some coverage in 2015 via channels from neighboring provinces, but the reception will be much improved in January.�

The national commercial and public radio stations are available on channel 11C and 12C networks, receivable across nearly all of the Netherlands. �