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Nielsen: Radio Can Learn from Streaming

Streaming can provide a better look at listener trends for radio stations

NEW YORK�A recent report from Nielsen suggests that radio should stop looking at streaming as a threat, but instead see it as a potential tool. Radio still reaches the widest audience of people�93 percent of adults according to Nielsen�s Comparable Metrics Report�but with streaming it can stay up to date with what songs and artists are garnering the most interest from its listeners.

Streaming allows for accurate measurement of how many times a song is played per day, per week, and so on. This gives radio a direct insight into specific trends for a song or artist.

�Streaming and radio follow each other, and following the peaks and valleys that make up listener preferences can help programmers find the next hit, determine when to stop spinning a track and assess overall playlist strength,� wrote a recent blog post by Nielsen.

Whether it be discovering a new artist or song that listeners are interested in, learning what song listeners or tiring of, or finding an oldie that is still popular, this Nielsen report shows that radio can gain a lot of information from streaming data.

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