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Norway’s FM Sunsetting Nears Completion

Stations will shut down on Sept. 15 and Sept. 20

OSLO � The last phase of Norway�s sunsetting of FM is about to begin.

On Friday, Sept. 15, P4 and Radio Norway will turn off their FM transmitters in Hordaland, Rogaland, Sogn og Fjordane, Vest-Agder and Aust-Agder.�At the same time, the local commercial stations in the Bergen and Stavanger areas must turn off their FM transmitters as well, some of them against their will, according to

On Wednesday, Sept. 20, NRK’s ??FM channels in Oslo, Akershus, �stfold and Vestfold will be shut down.�P4 and Radio Norway continue to broadcast on FM in this area until Dec. 8.�