Norwegians Installing More Digital Radios in Cars

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OSLO, NORWAY�More and more Norwegians are listening to digital radio, and the number of cars with digital radios has increased markedly since last year�21 percent now, versus 12 percent a year ago.�

There are over 2.2 million digital radios there, and about 520,000 vehicles that now have digital radios on-board. 38 percent of all digital radio listening is attributed to DAB+ radio.� 85 percent of Norwegians have been informed of the impending shutdown of FM in 2017; yet it seems that many car owners are waiting till then to provide their car with a digital radio. �

Interestingly, listening to radio via the internet has decreased there, according

There are now 23 radio stations received all over the country via DAB+ networks.� There are 39 stations receivable via digital radio in Oslo�more than are available via FM.�


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France’s CSA has approved seven sites in the Hauts-de-France (the north of France) for DAB+; Germany will remain a VHF country for the foreseeable future; and in Norway, over-the-air radio listenership appears to have stabilized