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NTIA Wants to Know What You Think About IPv6

Deadline to provide input is Oct. 3

WASHINGTON ��The National Telecommunications and Information Administration is still worried that we�re going to run out of IP addresses, according to its blog.

The internet technology community has already done its part to prevent this by developing Internet Protocol version 6, which offers 2 to-the-128th-power � 340 undecillion! �IP addresses (up from the 4.3 billion IP addresses supported by IPv4, a huge number that modern demand has already nearly exhausted).�

However, approximately one-third of current U.S. businesses are IPv6 capable, meaning that they cannot take advantage of the expanded IP addresses.

In light of this, the NTIA wants to know why services have upgraded to IPv6, what the challenges were, the anticipated ROI and more. The administration has put out a request for comment to all stakeholders in order to learn more about the factors that influence the decision to switch, or not.

The NTIA hopes the information can then be used to encourage more organizations to adopt IPv6, and it plans to use the comments as a source for the upcoming IPv6 Best Practice Forum to be held in Mexico this December as part of the Internet Governance Forum.

�We hope to build on this work to ensure U.S. businesses and other organizations have the infrastructure in place today to support tomorrow�s Internet-based innovations,� Ashley Heineman, telecommunications policy specialist for the Office of International Affairs, who wrote the NTIA blog.

FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai chimed in on Twitter, calling this an �Important but underappreciated problem: legacy IP addresses are running out & we need to transition to#IPv6.#IoT.�

Submit your own comments to NTIA via email to[email protected]by Oct. 3.�