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Radio Listenership Is Increasing in Australia

New data shows four out of 10 Australians in the five metropolitan capital cities have access to a digital radio

SYDNEY� Australians are paying more attention digital radio, with new data by GfK showing four out of 10 Australians in the five metropolitan capital cities (Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra and Brisbane) now have access to a digital radio at home, at work or in the car.

In fact, the latest installment of Gfk�sAudienScopefor 2015 shows thatAustralian radio audiences have grown by 7 percent in the last five years and that 19% of people are listening to more radio now than they were a year ago.�Radio is a constant companion throughout the day, with nearly half (48%) of all listeners choosing to stay on the same station for long periods of time, demonstrating its value as a multi-tasking medium that is often consumed in conjunction with other activities,� according to Gfk.� �

GfK�s latest DAB+ Digital Radio Report shows the total audience listening to radio via DAB+ devices is nearly 3.2 million. New digital-only radio stations attract 1.33 million unique listeners each week, while 2.36 million listeners tune in to DAB+ simulcasts of their favorite AM and FM stations.�In total, 24.1 percent of people surveyed are tuning in to DAB+ stations each week.

GfK figures also show the number of DAB+ devices sold in Australia has reached nearly 2.0 million, and more than 370,000 new vehicles equipped with DAB+ radio have been sold, bringing the total number of digital radios in the market to nearly 2.4 million.

Free-to-air DAB+ digital radio launched in the five metropolitan capitals in late 2009, and the Australian Media and Communications Authority recently extended licenses for trials in Canberra and Darwin.� ��

�The industry is continuing to enhance the quality and variety of DAB+ digital-only programming, and we�re confident that when consumers experience these targeted and sometimes niche services they will appreciate the great diversity that is now on offer,� said Joan Warner, CEO Commercial Radio Australia