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RAJAR Q3 2016 Results Show Further Increase in Use of Digital Radio in the UK

Digital listening in the UK has grown to 45.5% share, a year-over -year growth of 9%

LONDON � Digital listening in the UK has grown to 45.5% share, a year-over -year growth of 9% (up from 41.9% in Q3 2015), boosted by record-breaking performances of digital-only stations, according toRajar Q3 2016 datareleased today.

Listening via DAB continues to grow and now accounts for 71% of all digital listening, with DAB ownership growing to 57% of all households – or 31 million people � a year over year growth of 7%. Digital listening via online/apps now accounts for 18% of digital listening while digital television accounts for 11%.

Following the launch of the second national DAB commercial network, which carries 18 national commercial stations, digital listening hours to national commercial radio has grown by 25% year-over-year and accounts for almost three quarters (73%) of all national commercial listening. �

A 50% share digital listening remains an important threshold and the majority (51.5%) of radio listening at home and work combined is via a digital platform. Significantly, digital listening now accounts for over 50% of all listening among 15-24 year olds and 35-44 year olds for the first time, with DAB being the leading platform.

In-car digital listening hours grew by 39% year over year to 60 million hours from 43 million hours in Q3 2015, and now accounts for 25.4% of all listening (from 19.3% in Q3 2015), accelerated by the growth in the percentage of new cars now being sold with DAB radios as standard equipment � which has now reached 86% in Q3 2016 [Source: CAP/SMMT].