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Rdio Still Plays Swift

Rdio Still Plays Swift

Nov 10, 2014 12:33 PM

SAN FRANCISCO�Music streamer Rdio says Taylor Swift”s music, with the exception of the recently released album �1989,� remains available through the platform”s ad-supported Internet radio service.

Rdio listeners have access to music either on-demand via paid subscription or as ad-supported Internet radio. Rdio offers a catalog of over 30 million songs in 60 countries worldwide.

�Let”s always remember that artists deserve a say in how their music is shared with their fans,� said Rdio CEO Anthony Bay.

The ad-supported music streaming service was introduced in September with more than 30 million songs. Rdio”s ad-supported stations available to anyone include genre-specific stations, curated stations and personalized stations tuned to each individual listeners.

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