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Report: Radio a Must for European Drivers

More than 80 percent of drivers would not buy a car without a radio

GENEVA�According to a recent survey of drivers across the U.K., France and Germany, radio is as �vital as tires and a steering wheel.� The study indicates that 82 percent of drivers would not consider buying a car that did not have a radio.

Despite the alternative radio options now available in cars, including streaming and smartphone integrations, the survey indicates radio remains the most popular format, representing 75 percent of all in-car listening. Radio is a part of every journey for 84 percent of respondents. The survey also indicated there isn�t a significant gap between the age groups, as 78 percent of respondents between the ages of 20-29 would not buy a car without a radio.

Additional findings from the survey showed that 69 percent of drivers would want radio as the entertainment source they�d keep in their car above all others. Also, 90 percent of respondents believe radio should be free to use.

The survey was commissioned by U.K. Radioplayer at a recent European Broadcasting Union conference in Geneva. The countries that feature the Radioplayer model outside of the U.K. � Germany, Austria, Norway, Belgium and Ireland � are working together to expand radio across Europe.

�Radio in cars should continue to be the norm, as we know that people love listening as they drive,� said Simon Fell, EBU director of technology and innovation.�However, we need to modernize the car radio interface, and this research will help drive that evolution as digital and hybrid bring new opportunities. The sooner motorists can travel between countries and maintain digital services the better.�

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