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Sahaga Introduces After-Market Automotive DAB+ Radio

POPyourMIRROR will be available this fall

OSLO � Sahaga has introduced the world�s first in-car mirror with DAB+.

POPyourMIRROR can be used to upgrade any car to digital radio, just by installation of the unit in place of the native car mirror. It provides good DAB reception by way of a proprietary, magnetic glass mount antenna which is included.�

POPyourMIRROR features service following, traffic announcements, presets, line out, and a high quality FM transmitter so you can make use of your the car�s standard analog radio. It can also stream your music over Bluetooth.�

POPyourMIRROR will be available this fall. First will be Norway, then the UK, Denmark, Italy, Holland and several other markets have shown a strong interest in the product.