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Spotify Addresses “Junk Data” Problem

Streamer’s update features a patch to fix its problematic desktop application

LONDON � Music streaming service Spotify plans to release a patch to fix its desktop application, which has been found to repeatedly writing huge amounts of junk data to computer users’ hard drives, according toBBC News.�

The BBC noted that reporters from the siteArs Technicafound Spotify was writing as much as 10 GB of data an hour to their computers. This can become a real problem for computers that use solid-state drives (like those used for Macbooks) because unnecessarily writing and rewriting data to this type of drive can shorten its life; data on SSDs can be read and rewritten a limited number of times before the drive begins to fail.

According to the BBC, Spotify said it was aware of the issue and was taking steps to address it with a patch in its latest version. The problem affected users of the app on Windows, Linux and Mac OS.�