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Spotify Launches Big Marketing Campaign

Meanwhile, Apple Music’s marketing might has focused on using star power like Drake and Taylor Swift to tempt users away from the competition

NEW YORK �Spotifyhas launched a new global marketing campaign, rolling out in the US, UK, France and Denmark until Dec. 31, and thereafter a further 10 markets (Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Indonesia, Mexico, New Zealand, the Philippines and Sweden.)

Spotify�s campaign will focus on user-habits, highlighting localized data stories that have been generated by listening on Spotify in 2016 as they relate to key cultural moments of the year, according toMusic business worldwide. The campaign was developed by the company�s internal creative team in New York, supported by insight from its regional teams around the world.

Meanwhile, Apple Music�s marketing might has focused on using star power like�Drake and Taylor Swift�to tempt users away from the competition, according to the same article.�

Spotify�s�campaign coincides with its resurrected �/�/$ 0.99 for three months deal, and Amazon�s cut-price entry into the streaming market, as well as Google Play Music�s four-month free trial.