StreamGuys Offering Alexa Skills Creation for In-Home Radio Use

The skills can be integrated with StreamGuys’ SGrecast and SGmetadata system
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BAYSIDE, Calif.�Aiming to boost radio listening in homes, StreamGuys is offering a custom skills creation for broadcaster who want to use the new Amazon technology Alexa. With Alexa, users of Amazon�s Echo, Echo Dot and Echo Tap can access stations� live and on-demand content through voice commands.

Alexa skills enable broadcasters to choose the words that users speak to launch the station�s programming. Skills can help provide live streams, as well as verbal access to podcasts and on-demand archives. Alexa invocation names must be unique, which means broadcasters must secure their preferred Alexa identity.

�It can be hard for users to find a station if it�s listed only by call letters, and even more confusing if multiple stations use the same marketing brand,� said Jonathan Speaker, COO of StreamGuys.

One station to already have done that is WWOZ in New Orleans. WWOZ�s skill passed Alexa certification and went live in May, using its WWOZ call sign. StreamGuys also assisted in organizing the station�s archive into a voice-navigable structure.

The Alexa skills offering can be integrated with StreamGuys� SGrecast and SGmetadata systems for producing, managing and delivering streaming media and podcasts.

A number of other stations across the country have used StreamGuys� Alexa skills as well.