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Teracom Sweden Upgrades DAB Muxes

Sweden will not expand DAB networks at this time, but the existing systems will continue until 2019

STOCKHOLM � We�ve previously discussed Sweden�s decision to continue with VHF FM radio, unlike like its neighbor to the west, Norway. However, it�s important to note that there are DAB muxes operating in Sweden.

Sweden will not expand DAB networks at this time, and awaits further developments across Europe in particular. The existing systems will, however, be in operation until 2019. Teracom currently operates two DAB networks: The National Mux with Sweden’s Radio, covering Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malm� and Lule� reaching 35% of the population. The second DAB multiplex, with a mix of commercial stations and Swedish Radio covers Stockholm, Uppsala and G�vle.

The recent news about DAB in Sweden is this: Paneda has signed a new agreement with Teracom Sweden, and the company will provide the DAB Head-End solution for the two existing DAB multiplexes already in operation (the national mux with Swedish Radio and the local commercial mux in Stockholm).

The new Paneda system is installed in Teracom data centers and is completely virtualized with full redundancy. The system also includes the new Paneda �Smart Switching� of EDI outputs.