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The “New” T-Mobile Wants to be Much More Than a Cellular Provider

Pending the approved merger with Sprint, the company intends to offer in-home internet services to roughly 9.5M American households by 2024

BELLEVUE, Wash. — Sprint and T-Mobile announced their plan to merge back in April and are in the process of obtaining consent from the Department of Justice, the FCC and other federal regulatory bodies, and hope to close their proposed transaction by early next year. 

Many Wall Street analysts haven’t given the transaction very good odds, according to, “though that may be changing given AT&T’s recent move to close its purchase of Time Warner over the DoJ’s opposition.”

If regulators approve their merger proposal, Sprint and T-Mobile plan to offer in-home internet services to roughly 9.5 million American households by 2024, or about 13% of the country. The company said that figure would give it a market penetration of around 7%, making it the nation’s fourth largest in-home ISP, based on current subscriber counts, according to the same article. 

In their filing, Sprint and T-outlined their plans to sell services to in-home broadband users, in competition to established ISPs like Verizon, Charter and Comcast. “Today, 19% of households could eliminate their home broadband subscription entirely by tethering on a T-Mobile two-line plan. New T-Mobile will accelerate this trend by providing an increasingly viable alternative to in-home broadband. By 2024, 35 to 45% of households could completely eliminate their home broadband subscription and rely on New T-Mobile for all their broadband needs,” according to Fierce Wireless. 

In order to do this, the “new” T-Mobile would develop a “blended” 5G network with (what is now) Sprint, using high-, low- and mid-band radio spectrum, in order to deliver average network speeds of 450-Mbit/s, which is faster than many fixed DSL and cable offerings in the U.S. today, according to