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T-Mobile Joins Sprint and AT&T in Support of NextRadio

T-Mobile activates FM chip in smartphones.

BELLEVUE, WASH.�Just after adding AT&T to its roles, NextRadio scores another victory with the addition of T-Mobile.�

“We are excited about T-MOBILE joining SPRINT and AT&T as the first carriers to officially request their handset makers activate FM radio chips with NEXTRADIO in their device specifications,” wrote T-MOBILE CEO/President John Legere, as reported in “Activating the FM chip, already present in every smartphone in AMERICA, allows users to download the NEXTRADIO app and engage in a visually compelling, interactive experience with local radio stations, without the data charges and battery drain of streaming.�

At the end of July, NextRadio�announced to its customers�that AT&T will be including FM chip activation in their 2016 smartphone device specifications. The next step is for AT&T to communicate their request to manufacturers to activate the existing FM chip in Android smartphones.� Emmis CEO Jeff Smulyan was �ecstatic about the deal� according to� �When NextRadio hit 2 1/2 million downloads and the industry started telling listeners smartphones had FM chips, AT&T came knocking, looking for a deal.�