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Vancouver’s #VanWiFi Expands to Cover More of the City

Free internet-connectivity provided by Shaw Communications

VANCOUVER, B.C. � Shaw Communications, in partnership with the city of Vancouver, B.C., has expanded the free public Wi-Fi service known as #VanWiFi throughout the city, making it one of the largest free public-Wi-Fi networks in North America.

In total, those who live, work or visit Vancouver will have access to free public Wi-Fi at over 600 locations throughout the city, according to

Vancouver implemented a procurement process (in 2014) to solicit applications from telecommunications service providers to provide free public Wi-Fi at no cost to the City. Not long after, Shaw selected as one of the vendors that was �Pre-Qualified� to supply free public internet at identified, and future, locations in Vancouver.

Forty-two locations were equipped with #VanWiFi in 2015, and afterwards Shaw was chosen for the second phase in 2016 to provide VanWiFi at an additional 15 locations, including all nine city-owned social housing sites and six outdoor sites, expanding the existing #VanWiFi network at no cost to the city, according to the same article.�