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Verizon Will Soon Deploy LTE-U, Sharing Spectrum in Unlicensed Wi-Fi Bands

The EVOLVE Coalition said it is “reviewing the details of the Wi-Fi Alliance coexistence test plan”

AUSTIN, Texas�The Wi-Fi Alliance has published its �long-awaited and controversial�LTE-U Coexistence Test Plandesigned to ensure spectrum is shared fairly between Wi-Fi L and LTE technologies in the unlicensed bands.

TheEVOLVE Coalition, made up of Verizon, Qualcomm, T-Mobile and others, said Wednesday it is �reviewing the details of the Wi-Fi Alliance coexistence test plan.� The group said it is important to ensure �the details support a fair coexistence baseline and a clear path forward for LTE-U devices.�

Verizon also said it is �pleased that the Wi-Fi Alliance has decided not to extend its test plan to other unlicensed technologies, such as LAA,� according �It is important that unlicensed spectrum remain an open platform for innovation,� Verizon�s spokesman said.

At the last CES Show in January, Qualcomm Vice President of Small Cells Neville Meijers said it wasworking with Verizon to make it the first carrier to commercial deploy LTE-Utechnology on its network. Meijers at the time said Verizon was looking to launch the technology sometime in the second half of this year, but over the summer, the Wi-Fi Alliance delayed its release of the LTE-U Coexistence test plan. Now that the plan is released, it appears Verizon is ready to deploy the new technology as soon as it can.�