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Wi-Fi Caucus Forms

Pair of House members cite role as primary broadband conduit

WASHINGTON — Wi-Fi is getting its own congressional caucus.

Reps. Bob Latta (R-Ohio) and Jerry McNerney (D-Calif.) have launched the bipartisan Wi-Fi Caucus.

That comes as the Federal Communications Commission is moving fast on freeing up spectrum, including unlicensed, for broadband.

The legislators pointed out that Wi-Fi delivers more than half of all internet traffic and over 60% of mobile network offload. It is also the way cable broadband operators are reaching their increasingly mobile broadband subs.

Caucuses bring legislators together over common interests in an issue.

“The integral role that Wi-Fi plays in our telecommunication infrastructure positively affects our economy, American businesses, consumers, and our way of life,” said Latta.

“WiFi Alliance commends Congressmen Latta and McNerney on the creation of a congressional Wi-Fi Caucus to address important policy considerations shaping the future of Wi-Fi innovation,” said alliance president Edgar Figueroa. “Wi-Fi brings critical connectivity to society while contributing hundreds of billions of dollars in U.S. economic value. The Wi-Fi Caucus will inform decisions to support a Wi-Fi ecosystem that will continue to provide ubiquitous and affordable connectivity while creating jobs, innovation, and value to the U.S. economy.”

There is already a Congressional Internet Caucus, but not one dealing specifically with Wi-Fi.