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Wild Radio Is Wild About RCS

Ben Wild says he can now “sit in my back garden sipping a cold beer while adjusting my schedule on my iPad”

NORTHUMBERLAND, ENGLAND — I started in radio when I was 13. My mum spoke to officials at my school at the time and made it possible for me to leave my last lesson at school to get to my radio show in time. I am now the owner and station director of Wild Radio, an online dance and urban station webcasting from my uber high-tech home studios.

My previous job was a PD for a station in Ireland; however after the birth of a daughter, who has brain complications, and with my mother falling ill with two strokes, we decided to move back to the U.K. and I would have a go at working full-time from home. I invested all my “rainy day” money and created Wild Radio.

Wild Radio is a fully functioning studio, from where I can connect to any station in the world and present shows in real time. Wild Radio was set up to demonstrate to PDs the possibilities of working from home. My station has become popular and is creating a huge and rapidly growing fan base, so now this chain of events has driven me to run this station on a full-time basis.

The best part of my job is waking up every morning knowing I made this … It’s walking in to my studio and looking around at the entire thing and thinking. “Wow, I did this!” I love turning on the radio in the kitchen and hearing some amazing tunes and thinking, “Wow, I programmed that, and it sounds huge.”

There are three main reasons behind the epic station sound: the Klotz digital desk, my BW Broadcast DSPX processor and RCS software.

When I started, there really was no doubt in my mind, I needed the best of everything and for software it had to be RCS. RCS Selector 15 and Master Control have always been my favorite playout systems. They are just brilliant. When I got offered the chance to upgrade to Zetta and GSelector, I jumped at the chance. I have high-spec machines that weren’t being used to their full potential with Master Control and after learning that I could sit in my back garden sipping a cold beer while adjusting my schedule on my iPad, well, how could I say no? The whole thing is faster and so powerful, the possibilities are endless.

I really thought I would struggle, especially when I realized that this wasn’t just an upgrade, it was an entirely different set of programs, however the RCS U.K. Support team are just amazing — so patient and so good at what they do. They have spent time with me to make me understand all aspects of the new system. I was involved in the installation, which made it easier to understand and what I need to do should anything ever go wrong.

I am so pleased I made the change to Zetta. It has changed the station and made the whole site more modern and up-to-date than many of the biggest local commercial stations.

For information, contact Neal Perchuk at RCS in New York at (914) 428-4600 or visit