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Celebrating Radio as a Medium

Organizations worldwide honor the annual event

Organizations from around the world are celebrating World Radio Day 2014, which takes place Feb. 13, as indicated by UNESCO and the United Nations general assembly.

For the second time, the Association of Television and Radio Sales Houses (EGTA) is taking the opportunity to join the festivities by inviting the industry to celebrate a medium that touches millions worldwide.

This year, says EUreporter, EGTA is highlighting radio’s ability to provide listeners with a unique experience within the “Theatre of the Mind,” while simultaneously convey messages — including those of marketers — to millions of people. According to the report, EGTA commissioned three radio spots to demonstrate radio’s unique ability “to create images on the canvas of our imagination.”

The Union Radiophonique et Télévisuelle Internationale (URTI) is also recognizing World Radio Day with an interactive online platform for this year’s edition. The website, explains URTI, builds on the success of last year’s event, which saw content related to the international radio celebration shared and downloaded more than 2500 times by users from 48 different countries.

Just as they did in 2013, UNESCO and an International World Radio Day Committee issued a call for listener messages that speak to the value of radio. In addition, many radio stations worldwide pledged their support to the celebration by committing to promote the event on their websites, says URTI.