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Drones Find New Angle on Tower Climbing

Spectacular video captures broadcasters’ imaginations

This may be the start of a new art medium: Spectacular tower videos.

A recently released video depicts a simple maintenance task yet captures the wonder many of us feel about broadcasting — and in particular about towers. You may have been asking yourself whether drones might affect the broadcast industry, perhaps as a tool for managers to inspect or view facilities from the air. But these are practical considerations. There’s also the wow factor.

The YouTube video of tower climber Kevin Schmidt of Sioux Falls Tower & Communications was posted in November and has attracted almost a million views. It was created by Prairie Aerial. Remember a trade photo years back taken by a photographer looking down at ERI’s Tom Silliman as he worked atop the Empire State Building? This video takes that sensation to yet another level.

A news story about the video by CNN is an example of the news coverage: “With one careful step after another, Schmidt made his ascent, climbing 1,500 feet above southeastern South Dakota’s quilted prairie before ultimately reaching his summit. At the very top of a now-defunct television tower — a casualty of the switch from analog to digital broadcasting — Schmidt completed his climb with a fairly ordinary task.”

Watch the video below.