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Omnia, Nautel Collaborate on Composite Interface

AES-EBU cable between Omnia.11 and Nautel NV transmitters carry baseband signal in digital form

Frank Foti and Peter Conlon share the mic at the NAB Show. Photo by Mike Pappas
A collaboration by Omnia and Nautel, announced at the NAB Show Monday, is intended to improve the quality of FM air chains.

The Omnia Direct digital composite interface will be available in the Omnia.11 processor and Nautel NV series transmitters. It was announced by Telos Alliance CEO Frank Foti and Nautel President/CEO Peter Conlon.

According to a summary by Omnia, “In the past, stations concerned about maximum modulation needed to use an analog composite signal. This was primarily due to the required high sample rate of A/D converters used to create discrete left/right inputs to the digital exciter.”

The interface allows an AES-EBU cable between the Omnia.11 and the Nautel NV Series transmitter to carry the baseband signal in digital form. “This 100% digital path eliminates the noise and distortion of A/D converters and reduces potential overshoots, while ensuring full FCC mask compliance.”

Foti called it the digital equivalent of the analog BNC-to-BNC composite connection, taking the output of the audio processor stereo generator and coupling it directly to the modulator of the exciter.

Omnia Direct functionality is available on Nautel NV series transmitters from 3.5 kW to 44 kW. New transmitters are shipping with the feature as standard; older NV series transmitters may be upgraded with the NV software release 4.0, due shortly.