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Radio From Afar (and Near)

RW Cool Site of the Week is devoted to shortwave and other signal hobbies subtitles itself “The Web Resource for Radio Hobbyists.” It is a service of Universal Radio Inc., a radio reseller in Reynoldsburg, Ohio. Consider yourself forewarned but the site is quite nonpromotional.

Reflecting the minimalist aspect of shortwave and DXing, the main page is lacking in contemporary design panache. However subpages can offer many pictures of receivers/radios, old and new.

Front-page features include much that should be entertaining for fans, including a news section. Articles such as “Favorite Tube-Type Shortwave Receivers” and a link to Glenn Hauser’s “Continent of Media” show (for streaming or downloading) can be found on the front page. Also on the main page are links to more technical articles such as Joe Carr’s Tech Notes, focusing on antennas.

The site includes a helpful “Radio Basics” section with technical primers such as “Frequency vs. Wavelength” and “Radio Terms.” Another section focuses on shortwave radio with articles on “Introduction to Shortwave Radio,” “Tuning 150 kHz to 30 MHz,” “Selecting a Shortwave Radio” and “Reporting and QSLs.”

The site carries useful information to consider in choosing and purchasing a receiver.

A section deals with hobbies and peripherals such as ham radio and DXing. There is even a section devoted to scanner monitoring for activity above 30 MHz.

Dozens of useful links run the gamut from operation to radio clubs and international broadcasters to collecting and refurbishing equipment.

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