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One Bourbon, One Scotch, 1 Kilowatt

Check out this unusual tower site

Jimmy Buffet sings of Margaritaville; maybe we should call this “Margarita-casting.” I recently came across a radio station that has a drinking establishment as a neighbor, a very close neighbor. The 1 kW AM outlet uses a tower that is “squeezed” between buildings, with its feet right by the bar’s back door and alongside its patio.

This certainly makes for a local landmark; indeed the station has adopted a radio theme in its marketing.

I happened to be in the area after seeing it posted in Facebook, so I decided to go take some shots (pictures, not drinks). The tower is visible from the front and back of the bar. The bartender was happy to let me go back on the patio. A visitor can see radiating lines up the side each leg of the tower. The surrounding walls and other surfaces have been decorated artfully. I wonder what the patrons make of the “High Voltage Broadcast Equipment” sign hanging on the plastic yellow chain. All in all, not really my cup of tea. Or bourbon. …

What interesting things have you seen done with radio tower sites or old radio stations? Tell us at [email protected].