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Bookmarking Your Favorite NPR Programs

USB device logs favorites, interfaces with station program schedules

High-dollar contributors to public radio know about this secret but now it can be revealed to the masses. The next time you have to put your favorite NPR program on the back burner for some pressing event, grab the Radio Bookmark and “mark” the program you were listening to.

The Radio Bookmark resembles a standard USB “thumb” drive/key fob. It has a swinging USB port guard and two buttons. Users simply go to the Radio Bookmark Web page and set up their personal Web page, which will allow them to assign up to two local NPR stations to the buttons.

Once done, any pushing of the buttons will mark the time. When the USB drive is inserted into a computer it will seek out the Radio Bookmark page and compare the times designated by the pushed buttons with the radio station’s schedule. The “bookmarked” shows will be highlighted and can be downloaded or streamed.

An optional Web media player can locate the exact time within a program and play it from that point.

Eric Taub of the New York Times highlighted the Radio Bookmark in a recent Gadgetwise column.

Public Radio USB Bookmark Draws Attention