Step-By-Step in Guam

TWR documents construction of a transmission facility
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International religious broadcaster Trans World Radio is documenting the process of upgrading and building its new transmitter facility on the Pacific island of Guam.

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The blog Love Asia By Radio is presenting a detailed record of the last (almost) year of activity. The centerpiece of the work is the first of several Thomson transmitters scheduled for installation.

Items such as facility prep, delivery, wiring and natural hazards (spiders!) are lovingly detailed along with notes on cooling the transmitters; Guam is very hot and humid. As the blog relates, it is a team effort, with techies and “non-techies” pitching in where they can.

TWR also recently initiated programming for the new nation of South Sudan. This includes expanding transmission from TWR’s Swaziland outpost and translating current programming into languages such as Juba Arabic, Dinke and Nuer.

Love Asia by Radio blog


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