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SBE Candidate Profile: Wayne Pecena

Learn about those on the ballot for the 2016 board of directors

The Society of Broadcast Engineers announced the candidates for its 2016 board elections in June. Ahead of voting, which begins next week, we�re profiling the candidates to learn more about those on the ballot.

Wayne Pecena is an incumbent candidate for board member. He currently serves as director of Engineering for Texas A&M University�s KAMU Public Broadcasting. Pecena has been a member the SBE for 38 years. He has served on the society�s board of directors, its executive committee, and he has been the Education Committee Chair since 2012 and is currently in his second term. He is certified by the SBE as a CPBE, 8-VSB, AMD, DRB,�CBNE.

Radio magazine: If elected, what would you like to see the SBE do differently than it does now?

Pecena: I see SBE as currently doing a good job in serving the membership needs. With an eye to the future, there is always room for improvement. I would continue to place emphasis on continuing enhancement of education and professional development offerings, certification and engagement of the next generation into the broadcast engineering profession.

Radio: The FCC has asked for comment on whether there is an increasing spectrum noise problem and if so, what it should do about it. How would you answer that?

Pecena: This is a difficult question and an extremely difficult problem for the communications industry in general. The increased spectrum noise is problematic for all forms of wireless communications and AM broadcast is specifically hard hit. I generally have the �glass is half full� attitude; however in the case of spectrum noise, I do not see a good solution. If there is a practical solution, it will be in technology incorporated into wireless devices to mitigate the noise environment.

Radio: Should the SBE play a more active role in technical standards-setting for issues like digital radio? Why or why not?

Pecena: I see SBE having a seat at the table for any standard development body. SBE represents the working broadcast engineer, and I see great value in bringing a practical aspect to any future standard development.

Radio: For decades we�ve heard the question: �Where will the next generation of broadcast engineers come from?� What can the SBE do, that it hasn�t done already?

Pecena: SBE actively addresses this industry wide concern with several programs. The IT industry is supplying many new comers to the industry. The military is another source of experienced talent. Current educational programs and several new programs under development focus on providing the basics of broadcast engineering in terms of RF, audio, video and system principals. These industries can provide quality individuals to the industry and the SBE education programs provide the industry specific training and familiarization needed. The SBE certification programs provide industry validation to help employer�s select qualified individuals.�

Radio: What else would you like voters to know about yourself or your stand on industry issues?

Pecena: Education and professional development is one of the cornerstone programs offered to the SBE membership and the broadcast industry. I would like to continue work currently underway to enhance current programs and develop new education offerings as there is always more to learn for any technology professional. My tenure on the SBE board through two terms has been focused upon enhancement of all professional development offerings. I ask for your support for a final two-year term (term limit) to continue work of the past four years.

The full slate of candidates for both officers and at-large board members can be found�here. Read more candidate profiles�here.

The election will take place July 25 through Aug. 25.