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No Confidence in the RMLC

You and the committee of broadcast big shots have decimated small-market broadcast radio.

The following was sent to William Velez, executive director of the Radio Music License Committee.

Dear William:

Thank you for your letter dated Feb. 20. I realize that the ASCAP and BMI licenses are about to expire; and I say thank God for small favors.

You and the committee of broadcast big shots have decimated small-market broadcast radio. You say, in your letter, that we are fairly represented by a cross-section of broadcasters; yet there is not a small-market broadcaster on your committee.

You may take exception to this, but let me define to you what a small market is. KVKK Radio in a town of 350 people, KAKK and KQKK in a town of 900 people, KPRM, KDKK and KXKK in a town of 3,500 people. Now my friend, that is small-market radio; and you and your committee buried us when you eliminated revenue-based reporting.

Revenue-based reporting was not only fair, but allowed the small-market broadcaster an opportunity to have their expenses for music licenses rise and fall with economic times. The big-market stations, which you represent, love the other licensing procedure that you negotiated with ASCAP and BMI, as you passed the majority of the licensing fees to the tier C stations.

You guys just don’t get it. All of our small-market stations are suffering financial meltdown, yet we’re tied to fees that were established during better billing times.

ASCAP and BMI have been very sympathetic to our plights and have tried every way they can to help us through the maze that you have created.

I will not be sending an authorization in for any of our stations because we believe, sincerely, that you don’t understand the broadcast business from a small-market perspective.

I’m sending this letter to ASCAP, BMI and Radio World so my fellow broadcasters and the music licensing folks know exactly where this small-market broadcaster stands. As always, I willing to listen to your comments, but I have no doubt we’re not on the same page. I urge my other small-market broadcast friends not to support your licensing committee.

Edward P. De La Hunt
President & General Manager
De La Hunt Broadcasting Group
Park Rapids, Minn.