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Audinate Cites Dante AV Uptake

Several manufacturers are showing licensed video products at ISE

A 4K PTZ camera from Bolin that is compatible with Dante AV
Bolin Dante AV D Series 4K PTZ camera.

Audinate Group says the number of licensees of its Dante AV technology for networked video is growing.

This is relevant for radio stations that may wish to add video streaming to a Dante network.

Audinate said Bolin, BZB Gear, Lumens and PTZOptics are among companies that brought Dante AV-enabled products to the ISE 2023 conference in Barcelona this week. Audinate says approximately 30 OEM companies have licensed the AV-over-IP technology for their cameras, encoders, decoders and other video products.

Dante AV hardware and software solutions allow manufacturers and users to add networked video to the existing Dante platform. “It guarantees interoperability between manufacturers while keeping discovery, configuration and control to a single platform for all audio and video devices,” Audinate states.

Dante AV Ultra is hardware-based, while Dante AV-H is embedded software that manufacturers can add to their products, turning them into Dante AV endpoints.

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