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Girassol FM Launches Station in Angola With Elenos

Private broadcaster Rede Girassol selected Elenos for new station launch

From our Who’s Buying What page: Media company Rede Girassol is using Elenos Group transmission products at a newly launched FM station in the capital of Angola.

Sitemaster provided planning, installation and commissioning. The project includes a 10 kW solid-state Indium ET10000 transmitter.

Sitemaster’s Miguel Rio was quoted in the Elenos announcement: “The climate of Luanda means makes the reduction of air conditioning loads and energy consumption of the radio station are critically important.”

Rio said the Elenos’ icefet technology provides energy efficiency and long-term cool operation.

Rede Girassol’s station in Luana is Sunflower FM on 102.7 MHz.

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