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KRRiT Aims to Boost DAB+ in Poland

Suggests temporarily reducing the cost of DAB+licenses for private radio broadcasters

Polish Broadcasting and Television Council, Krajowa Rada Radiofonii i Telewizji (KRRiT) has proposed a number of measures aimed at giving a boost to radio broadcasters in the country.

As part of the suggested initiatives and due to the lack of available FM frequencies in Poland’s cities, the organization would like to temporarily reduce the cost of DAB+ digital licenses for private radio broadcasters.

According to reports, this means the price would first be increased by 4.6 percent due to inflation. However, it would then be reduced to a quarter of the price in a one-off incentive. It would also see lower frequency fees for multiplex operators.

For FM broadcasters, the plan would simplify the complex license fee scheme in place today, as well as lowering concessions for radio broadcasters in rural areas.

Through a public hearing, KRRiT is calling on market participants to comment on its new pricing policy by March 18.