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Peruvian CRP Medios y Entretenimiento Opts for Dielectric Gear

Eight CRP-owned FM channels will share the Dielectric FM antenna and combiner to save space at crowded tower site

Dielectric has announced that it will ship a DCBR 20-panel FM antenna and dual-manifold combiner to Lima, Peru-based commercial radio group, CRP Medios y Entretenimiento.

Engineers from the CRP team on a visit to Dielectric’s Raymond, Maine facility, stand in front of Dielectric’s outside trestle for antenna testing. Pictured from left to right are Jesus Uribe, CRP; Luis Garcia, CRP; Federico d’Avis, Dielectric; and Juan Pablo Salazar, CRP.

According to the company, CRP chose this solution for its “ability to cost-efficiently combine eight FM stations onto a single antenna system while covering the entire target market.”

The Morro Solar site, located in the Chorrillos district of Lima, is one of the most crowded broadcast antenna farms in the world, the company added.

“With its total power input of 240 kW and dual input array, our antenna system offered CRP the best option for improving their stations’ signal strength, reception, and coverage across the Greater Lima area,” said Federico d’Avis, Dielectric’s international sales manager.

“In addition to meeting CRP’s expectations about the target coverage pattern, the dual-manifold combiner makes it possible for the company’s eight separate high-power FM channels to share the same antenna.”

Dielectric is now preparing the RF system — including the antenna, combiner, and filters — to ship to the Lima site later in April.