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Radio Guadix Is Virtual

Virtual options from AEQ abound in Spain

AEQ, remote control, Rodrigo Poyatos, ForumVirtual
Radio Guadix’s Rodrigo Poyatos at his home command center with ForumVirtual software on the laptop next to him.

AEQ’s VirtualForum software has proven a boon for Radio Guadix in Spain. Well before the coronavirus pandemic radically changed radio workflows, General Manager Rodrigo Poyatos began working remotely from home. Using the VirtualForum software he was able to control studio-based equipment such as AEQ Forum mixers, thus being able to produce radio programs and commercials.

Now with the Radio Guadix studios often empty of personnel in the pandemic, Poyatos has used the remote management aspects of VirtualForum to a greater extent. He can buzz-in show guests; turn on lights; fire up consoles, mics, codecs, etc., and produce the whole program from home. He only asks the guests to make sure the door locks on their way out.

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Radio Guadix is part of Cadena SER. Its sister SER stations Radio Aracena and Radio Motril have added AEQ Capitol IP digital consoles to better fit an increasingly IP-based plant.

Another sister, Radio Rioja in Logroño, replaced an older automation system from another vendor with AEQ’s AudioPlus automation. A release says the remote control tools available in AudioPlus were attractive to Radio Rioja. In addition AEQ customized some operations to match third-party commands that were requested by Cadena SER.

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