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Radio With Five O’s

The interactive website is dubbed "The Musical Time Machine"

There are thousands of radio stations, thousands of streaming stations, thousands of podcasts and thousands of listening options — with most, if not all, offering their services online. It’s not too often, however, that a website stands out as pretty unique and very creative in design. But, may I present “Radiooooo” … or the word radio but with five o’s … or

Radiooooo, the website, is special because it’s both international and designed to represent the various decades of music style. You can click on a country, then click on a decade, and suddenly you’re hearing music from (e.g.) Ireland in the 1920’s. It’s simply a fascinating trip through music history. Although, I do wish it offered a few other choices of audio programming to make it more like radio. 

Dubbed “The Musical Time Machine,” the home page featured below depicts its free, basic service.

There is also a paid, premium service. The paid features offer history and full tracks and allow for rewinding audio and bookmarking. But with or without the paid version, what this website shows us is a very creative way to reach listeners with unique programming.   

The difference between services is the playlist’s size and those bonus options. The rate is $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year for the premium service. 

The name may be a bit of a misnomer as great radio is anything but just a bunch of songs. As we know, it’s personalities, local information, at times “theater” and so much more. But we’ll assume that maybe there’ll be more than music in the future of the Radiooooo.

How fun would it be if you had a choice of not just music, but on-air personalities from each decade (as in un-telescoped air checks), radio commercials and newscasts from each country and each decade? Though certainly quite an effort to program so much content with limited availability, it still would be a fun addition!     

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