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RadioDays Europe Announces Program Schedule

With the released agenda comes a list of expected speakers for the March 19–21 convention

The preliminary program schedule for RadioDays Europe has been released. Here are a few sessions that will happen:

“The New BBC Radio Director in Conversation” with BBC’s Head of Radio, Bob Shennan. This will be a talk on what lies ahead for BBC Radio along with what challenges the overall industry could face in the future.

“The Suspense Is Killing Me — and I Love It” with the thriller author and radio creative, Sebastian Fitzek, will be a masterclass session on storytelling and suspense.

“Extreme Engagement: Your Audience Can Do More Than Listen,” will be a seminar with Manoush Zamarodi, a journalist and a WNYC(FM) podcast producer. Zamarodi will talk about her work as a podcaster and how the station has experimented with interactive storytelling, crowdsourcing and data collection to build a loyal and involved audience.

For the first time in RadioDays Europe history a radio-focused hackathon called Radio Hack Europe will take place. From March 17–19, participants and coaches will be creating, refining and developing ideas and technologies focusing on the future of radio. A jury will evaluate the participants’ pitches after 48 hours. The winners will get to present their idea on the RadioDays Europe main speaking stage.

RadioDays Europe 2017 is expecting to have more than 120 speakers over the conference. It will take place from March 19–21 in Amsterdam. Be sure to check out the many more sessions that are happening, here. Also, take some time out of your day and listen to one of RadioDays Europe’s podcasts, produced periodically.

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