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20 Years of Radio magazine: July 1994

20 Years of Radio magazine: July 1994

Jun 1, 2013 8:00 AM, By Chriss Scherer, editor

The first issue of Radio magazine (originally titled BE Radio) was published in January 1994, but its roots go back much farther. In 1959, Broadcast Engineering magazine was launched to cover the technology of radio and television. By 1994, it was realized that while the two services are related broadcast efforts, the needs of their specific audiences warranted splitting the content into two publications.

Radio magazine, now part of the NewBay Media group of publications, continues to cover the technology of radio broadcasting. Now in our 20th year, we’ll look back at the first year of publication, which had six issues.

Features of the July 1994 issue:
� The Electronic Industries Association (EIA) released a study revealing that while consumer awareness of RBDS was not very high (20 percent), more than 25 percent said they would listen to the radio more if their radio offered the service. 35 percent said RBDS would increase their radio listening enjoyment. More than 60 percent were interested in the program-associated data capability.
� One column dove deeper into RBDS, which was still a relatively new technology in the United States. It was introduced in 1993.
� Our cover story discussed the factors to consider when buying a new transmitter, which included ideas about tube or solid-state designs.
� What’s right before the transmitter? The audio processor. Our second feature talked about FM audio processing and ways to get the maximum performance. We also looked at the concepts behind the (then) new digital audio processors.
� We went inside program syndicator MJI Broadcasting in New York City.
� New products covered included Modulation Sciences RDS-X RBDS generator; Modulation Sciences PRD-3000, RBDS decoder, monitor and analyzer; Timeline Studioframe DAW-80 DAW; Digidesign Session 8 DAW; Fidelipac Dynamax DCR1000 update to play 25MB floppy discs; and Otari B-10 on-air radio console.
� Advertisements touted new products including Pioneer CAC-V3200, a 300 CD storage and playback jukebox; Aphex Systems Audiophile Air Chain, which included the Compellor 320, Aural Exciter Type III, Dominator II and Digicoder stereo generator; Nautel Ampfet ND 10 solid-state transmitter; Computer Concepts DCS; and Dolby Spectral Processor Model 740.

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