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Find the Mic Sweepstakes Winners, 2003

Find the Mic Sweepstakes Winners, 2003

Feb 1, 2003 12:00 PM

Congratulations to our three winners in the Radio magazine Findthe Mic Sweepstakes.

The Behringer VX2000 courtesy of BSW goes to Don Danko of WGUC,Cincinnati.

The Neumann TLM103 goes to Jackson Douglas of Jackson DouglasOriginal Oldies, Seaford, VA.

The LPB Silent Mic Boom goes to Ross Pierce of KMUW, Wichita,KS.

Twelve issues of Radio magazine in 2002 had our mic icon hidden onthe cover. Did you find all of them? Here are the correct locations incase you need some help:

1. January: in the hard wood floor behind the chair
2. February: on the side of the building behind the van
3. March: lower right hand corner on the lighted sign
4. April: on the console, one of the gray knobs
5. June: on the back of the seat in the second row
6. July: on the right computer screen
7. August: halfway down on the side of the Space Needle
8. Product Source: in place of the label on the RCA mic
9. September: on the box on the desk next to the cart eraser
10. October: a green bush above the headline �Strong andreliable�
11. November: near the upper lip on the side of the face
12. December: on an arrow in the fifth row, second column

Radio magazine thanks all the readers who participated in the Findthe Mic Sweepstakes. Be sure to save your issues so you can enter thesweepstakes next year.