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NAB Extra! (NAB2006)

NAB Extra! (NAB2006)

Mar 1, 2006 1:00 AM

Get a preview of some of the most innovative products debuting at NAB2006 with the NAB Extra! This section provides access to products long before you get to the show, so you can plan which Booths to visit. With Booth numbers included, the NAB Extra! will help you find exactly what you are looking for.

Solid-state media recorder
Booth N3100
Ares-M:This solid-state record offers an operating range of -20� to 60�C with 24-bit, 48kHz A/D conversion. It measures 5″ x 2″ x 0.8″ and it weighs less than 250g. The recorder offers a 1.1 USB connector for file transfer and battery charging. The unit’s sampling frequency can be set from 32kHz to 48kHz. It features an internal omni-directional mic and stereo mic and line inputs, and an internal speaker. Its S/N ratio is greater than 90dB A-weighted. The device also offers built-in audio editing, automatic record start, an adjustable audio record buffer, menu setting templates, markers and software updates from the Internet.
fax 615-726-5189
[email protected]

Newsroom mixer
Booth N1815
5200-D:A networkable news mixer, the unit provides front- and rear-panel mic input connectors along with a front-panel headphone jack. The mixer also provides a single-segment LED VU meter and two output buses with program and mix-minus options. The five total inputs consist of one mic, one analog input and three digital outputs (two with router selectors). A built-in Ethernet Bridge X-Y controller is standard, as well as cue speaker and headphone, cue level control, monitor selector and headphone volume control.
fax 252-637-1285
[email protected]

Analog/digital audio test system
Prism Sound
Booths N2524, N1327
Dscope Update:Key new features to Dscope include the Acoustics 1 package, which offers transducer/room test support, including dB SPL units, measurement mic sensitivity and frequency response calibration, impulse response by MLS and swept-sine method, LS impedance measurement by use of an external ballast resistor in series with EUT and analog I/O, which will run optionally at 48kHz as well as 96kHz and 192kHz.
fax 973-983-9588
[email protected]

Audio codec
Booth N2722
Access Portable: About the size of a camcorder, this hand-held unit may be powered for more than seven hours by its rechargeable battery. For broadcasts that require larger mixing and headphone capabilities, the system may be docked into the stereo mixer/headphone management section to provide a full-featured, table-top, five-channel mixer/codec. The codec uses BRIC technology to deliver wideband mono or stereo audio on a single POTS line or IP network including the Internet. Other features include a built-in Ethernet port, and connection to a range of other networks via integral Cardbus slot including, modem, 3G cellular, Wi-fi and Wi-max.
fax 978-784-1717
[email protected]

Booth N3218
Import series: Audio-Technica is manufacturing three professional monitor headphones featuring a low-profile, closed-back dynamic design for isolation in loud listening environments. The headphones handle high SPL levels, and use large-aperture drivers, copper-clad aluminum wire voice coils, rotating earpieces for one-ear monitoring, and oxygen-free copper cable with gold-plated stereo ��” connector and ��” adapter. The range includes the ATH-PRO700 SV, ATH-PRO5 V and ATH-PRO5 MS. For portable and active applications, there are seven styles that include three adjustable clip-on models featuring two lightweight ear buds; a lightweight ear-bud/clip-on hybrid headphone with a three-position design; and a folding headphone designed for comfort, quality and portability. Models include the ATH-EW9, ATH-EM9r and ATH-EM7 GM adjustable clip-on headphones; ATH-CM7 SV and ATH-CM7Ti ear-bud headphones; ATH-EC7 GM ear-bud/clip-on hybrid headphones; and ATH-ES5 SV portable folding headphones.
fax 330-686-0719
[email protected]

Pop filter
Middle Atlantic Products
Booth SL1181
Split Screen Pop Filter: This pop filter uses two screens with a separation space that diffuses harsh consonants, which combined with the removal of the outer ring, provides an added measure of air dispersion. Sound is diffused by the first screen, dispersed by the open space between the two screens and diffused once again by the second screen. Any pops created by explosive consonants are eliminated before they reach the microphone. The Split Screen Pop Filter has also been engineered with no parallel surfaces between the two screens to avoid creating any resonant frequencies within the pop filter hoop.
fax 973-839-1976
[email protected]

Digital recorder
Booth N600
PMD560: Offering more than 35 hours of recording time on a 1GB CF memory card, this compact rack-mount digital recorder is a solid-state recorder with recording to Compact Flash media cards or Microdrives. Uncompressed WAV files can be recorded at 44.1kHz or 48kHz, and MP3 files can be recorded in mono (at 64kb/s) or in stereo (at 128kb/s). Using a standard 1GB Compact Flash card, the unit can record more than 1.5 hours of stereo and more than three hours of mono uncompressed audio, more than 17 hours of stereo MP3 and more than 35 hours of mono MP3 audio. The recorder features RCA input and output jacks, two remote jacks as well as an RS-232C connection port. The front panel offers a headphone jack with volume level and a built-in USB interface.
fax 630-741-0652
[email protected]

25kW transmitter
Broadcast Electronics
Booth N1808
4MX 25: Based on patent-pending 4MX medium-wave digital transmission technology, which is a method of modulating the duty cycle of the radio frequency directly to produce a more linear output waveform, the 25kW transmitter is DRM-compatible and capable of linear audio reproduction. The transmitter comes with a separate audio input to pass the full frequency range possible of digital transmission. The modulation scheme uses a breakthrough technique to apply a signal to all PA modules in parallel. This design maintains audio quality and efficiency during full power daytime and reduced power nighttime modes.
fax 217-224-9607
[email protected]

Podcast module
Prophet Systems Innovations
Booths N3522, C4431
XLR8R: With this system, users can create and post podcasts 10 times faster than conventional means. The Nexgen podcast module is user friendly and is integrated into the workflow at a radio station. The module helps users to craft compelling, original and experimental programming.
fax 308-284-4181
[email protected]

IP codec
Booth N4519
Prontonet: The Prontonet is a multiformat audio codec with capabilities such as dual codec (two independent encoders and decoders) supporting G711, G722, MPEG1/2 Layer II, MPEG1/2 Layer III, MPEG2/4 AAC LC and MPEG4 LD as well as Apt-x among its standard coding algorithms and bi-directional uncompressed linear audio transmission over IP through its Ethernet 10/100 port. The Prontonet can also establish a back-up link using ISDN at 64kb/s or 128kb/s under communication loss of X21 or IP links.
fax 973-659-9555
[email protected]

Audio converter
Booth N2414
Lucid 88192: This audio converter supports eight channels of A/D-D/A conversion at sampling frequencies up to 192kHz. The multi-format unit offers simultaneous connectivity for analog, AES/EBU digital audio and SMUX2 ADAT optical digital audio. An option port is included for future adoption of additional formats.
fax 425-787-3211
[email protected]

Automation, scheduling, management system
Enco Systems
Booths N617, C2507F
Streamline: Enco partnered with Wicks Broadcast Solutions and Powergold to create Streamline, an integrated automation, music scheduling and traffic system. Streamline integrates DAD’s library/playlist functions with Visual Traffic spot entry/log management and Powergold music scheduling/analysis, simplifying a workflow. The system runs on standard PCs with Windows 2000 or Windows XP Pro operating systems.
fax 248-827-4441
[email protected]

Audio logger
Booth N3335
Documentor: This audio logger permits a station to select previous programs by the minute, hour, day and month. The unit can drive 10 terminals simultaneously via LAN or Internet connections.
fax 518-758-1476
[email protected]

Digital telephone hybrid
Booth N4507
DHY-03: This DSP-based digital telephone hybrid is a redesign of the DHY-02 and offers 75dB typical line balance rejection. The hybrid’s feature-set includes universal line compatibility, input and output gain adjustment, input and output metering, conferencing, RS-232 serial control, local and remote line hold switching, integrated auto-answer, automatic call disconnection, auto-ducking, DTMF tone recognition, a balanced mic/line input and balanced line output.
fax 207-773-2422
[email protected]

Virtual studio
Merging Technologies
Booth SL3755
Pyramix 5.0: In Pyramix version 5.0, the system’s firmware has been expanded from 64 to 128 I/O. The company has improved the media management and libraries, transport and machine control, timeline and editing, CD editing and SACD authoring as well as general settings. The main unit features a master fader section and 24 additional user-definable keys across two layers that can be used as 48 direct access solo/mute/track arming keys, locators, cue triggers or any other chosen function. There is a separate and optional eight-fader expansion unit with eight rotary encoders and both units use 100mm touch-sensitive moving faders with dedicated solo, mute, read and write automation keys.
fax 847-272-0597
[email protected]

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NAB Extra! (NAB2006)

Mar 1, 2006 1:00 AM

Translator remote control
Crown Broadcast
Booth N3912
Airsis TM2000: This system offers full command and control of the translator and transmitter fleet via the Internet. No phone lines or satellite dishes are required — just a whip antenna. The system comes standard with a two-way RS-232 data port for connection to a satellite receiver, tower light controller or other on-site equipment. Data retrieved can be e-mailed or displayed on the Airsis Vision website. Log on to the Airsis Vision secure website to calibrate, monitor and control the translator. The online database stores translator readings and other site information providing logs.
[email protected]

Low-power FM transmitter
ZX: Based on Harris’ Z-Series of transmitters, the ZX low-power transmitter is available in 500W, 1,000W and 2,000W power levels for analog broadcasting. Upgrades to HD Radio are achieved when driven by the Flexstar HDX-FM exciter, as a hybrid analog/digital system or in digital-only mode.
fax 513-459-3890
[email protected]

DT12 connectors
Gepco International
Booth C5733
G37: These 12-channel DT12 connectors feature an anodized aluminum backshell that locks in place with two set-screws into a series of castellations. The set screws and castellation prevent accidental loosening of the connector shell thereby extending the operating life. The male connector shell is constructed from stainless steel to prevent damage and wear. The crack-proof neoprene insulator features a bonded and scalloped design that prevents rotation. The pins and sockets feature a three-micron, mil-spec gold plating for improved solder and tarnish resistance. For strain relief, the connectors feature an oversized nut and rubber gland seal with an optional kellem cord grip and heat shrink.
fax 847-795-8770
[email protected]

DVD/CD duplicators
Disc Makers
Booth SL4385
Reflex 2, Reflex 10: The two-drive Reflex 2 and the 10-drive Reflex 10 are 16x DVD/48x CD writers, each with a new controller that offers 128MG buffer. The two systems feature the ability to rename files stored within the hard disk and separate user accounts with password protection. The Reflex duplicator line now features duplicators with one, two, four, seven and 10 drives, and duplicate as many as 80 DVDs or 150 CDs per hour.
fax 856-661-3455
[email protected]

PAD management system
Enco Systems
Booth N617, C2507F
Padapult: This system enables real-time manual sending of data to HD Radio, RDS, websites (up to six locations) from a control room, while also integrating data output from the automation system or satellite provider. A stand-alone application, it can be used with any radio automation system. There’s also a text stream embedded in the carrier wave. Text scrolls across the front of the receiver’s LCD panel.
fax 248-827-4441
[email protected]

Signal processor
Booth N1815
AP-1000: This multiband, dual path FM plus HD processor features an interactive user interface that provides remote monitoring and control. The unit simultaneously provides outputs to FM or AM transmitter and HD Radio signal chain. Other features include multi-band processing, embedded graphic control, Ethernet interface, front panel USB ports and remote monitoring using interactive GUI software.
fax 252-635-4857
[email protected]

DJ headphones
Denon Electronics
Booth N600
DN-HP1000: Using a closed-back design for isolation, these headphones employ a large speaker driver (53mm) and feature rich bass with a frequency response from 5kHz to 33kHz. The headphones’ soft padded ear cups swivel 180�. They use a folding design, dual nickel-plated adapter (1/8″ and 1/4″) and semi-coiled soft insulated cord with reinforced cable strain.
fax 973-396-7459
[email protected]

Telephone hybrid remote interface
JK Audio
Booth N4215
RIU-IP: This remote control interface for the company’s Innkeeper 2 and Innkeeper 4 digital hybrids contains a Web server that allows the user to send and receive control data through his Web browser. The unit features a RJ-45 Ethernet port along with several remote control capabillities such as indication of incoming rings per line; the phone line can be taken off-hook or on-hook; users can set it for auto-answer and ring count; start and stop conference (Innkeeper 2); and adjustment of transmission and receive level per line. The unit always provides test tone start and stop per line and address book upload and download. RS-232 remote control port uses ASCII protocol and no external power is required.
fax 815-786-8502
[email protected]

Three-phase UPS
Staco Energy Products
Booth C107
Firstline UPS: This online, double-conversion UPS provides computer-grade power with a standard battery run-time of more than eight minutes. A user-friendly control panel located on the front of the freestanding NEMA 1 enclosure includes an alarm and remote monitoring through an RS-232 connection. Firstline models are available for 10, 15 and 20kVA applications with input voltage of 208, 220 and 480Vac and a range of +10/- 20 percent (166 to 229Vac). Input frequency is 60Hz �5 percent. Full load walk-in from 25 percent to 100 percent of rated load in 10 seconds. Inverter ouptut distortion is equal to five percent THD for non-linear loads and equal to two percent THD for linear loads. Output voltage is regulated to �1 percent of nominal at full load.
fax 937-253-1723
[email protected]

TCP/IP codec
Audio Processing Technology
Booth N1217
Worldnet Chicago Lite: The Worldnet Chicago Lite features Enhanced Apt-x to provide a low-delay audio path via IP for AM, FM, DAB and HD Radio. It is scalable in bandwidth, with contact and optocouple closures for remote status and alarms. The unit occupies 1RU. A GUI is provided to adjust all parameters.
fax 323-463-8878
[email protected]

APW Mayville
Booth SL2132
Stantron Broadcast Rack: Available in a variety of heights and depths, this rack offers a low profile with a powder coat finish. Horizontal lacing brackets simplify the management of cables by spreading them from front to back. The integrator can tie cables in strategic areas to accommodate a narrower space. Thin profile power strips provide space savings in high-density wiring applications. Top and rear mountable fan panels assist airflow through the rack system and keep terminal gear within its proper operating temperature range.
fax 920-387-7196

Booth N1522, C807, SU2929
Flexstar HDX-FM: This exciter provides real-time adaptive correction technology, which offers noise reduction and transmitter and antenna linearity to provide a clear, crisp signal to the end user’s receiver. The unit also features adaptive group delay equalization; secondary auto-switching of AES-3 and composite inputs; and hybrid/straight FM outputs for the split-level combining method, which enables a power-efficient implementation of FM HD Radio using a station’s existing FM transmitter and antenna and offers a 10 percent reduction in operational costs over high-level combining.
fax 513-459-3890
[email protected]

Mini console
Sierra Automated Systems
Booth N907
Rubi-T: This mini Rubicon broadcast console is 6″ high and features any number of input modules, monitor modules and talkback modules. This console is useful for news Booths, edit Booths, voice Booths, voice tracking and mini secondary effects mixer in on-air studios. Features include full-length 100mm P&G fader and four programmable source select or bus assignment buttons.
fax 818-840-6751
[email protected]

Broadcast Electronics
Big Pipe LT: This series offers a data capacity starting at 10Mb/s for transporting AES and analog audio as well as multiple channels of HD Radio audio and data. This version has been optimized for point-to-point connectivity between a studio and a transmitter site. It is capable of transporting main channel audio at 32kHz, 44.1kHz or 48kHz sampling rate, plus several channels of HD Radio coded audio for HD2 Multicasting, as well as channels of advanced data services-while still providing Ethernet connectivity and RS232 serial data to the studio or remote site.
fax 217-224-9607
[email protected]

Audio processor, controller
Junger Audio Studiotechnik
Booth N3200
Level Magic, Level Magic Surround: Level Magic uses an adaptive level control algorithm to equalize audio levels from any source at any time. The range incorporates automated gain control, plus transient processing and peak limiting for continuous unattended control of any program material. Level Magic Surround is designed to support eight-channel audio processing.
+49 30 677 7210
fax +49 30 677 72146
[email protected]

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NAB Extra! (NAB2006)

Mar 1, 2006 1:00 AM

Digital audio software programs
Netia Digital Audio
Booth N3208
Radio Assist 7.5 Modules: The short message service module for the Radio-Assist 7.5 range of digital audio software programs uses mobile phone platforms as a new way to communicate interactively, allowing on-air talent to play interactive SMS and voting games with listeners. The Air-DDO module is spread over two monitor screens. The GUI simultaneously displays four broadcast channels and offers access to help and preparation tools, including a cuer, on-air monitoring, playlist modification, recording and production. The statistics tool allows users to measure and monitor the effectiveness of various elements of their daily broadcasts, including the number of times an audio clip has been played. This new tool automatically displays results per day, month or the user’s period of choice. Multitrack XT is an editing tool for multitrack digital audio recording and editing. It offers time stretching, pitch shifting, noise reduction, noise gating, synchronization, stereo and multitrack broadcasting, support for CD audio engraving programs and import/export MP3 files.
fax 973-575-7812
[email protected]

Manifold combiner
Booth C2020
DFM series: The unit is similar in appearance to a traditional branch-style combiner, but the output manifold, which is comprised of one coaxial line, has a separate tee junction for each input frequency and a short circuit stub on the end farthest from the output. As with all combiners, each input to the manifold combiner requires a band-pass filter tuned for the input frequency. This filter rejects all other frequencies in the manifold.
fax 207-655-7120
[email protected]

Mixing console
Audioarts Engineering
Booth N1815
D-75N: This digital audio mixing console can be modified with the Net-75 panel to provide a fully integrated network system with the option of autonomous console operation when needed. Four output buses along with eight digital inputs and outputs are provided within each panel. Six faders within the D-75N provide access to thousands of analog and digital system resources. Input modules are equipped with eight character LED displays, rotary source selectors and take buttons.
fax 252-635-48547
[email protected]

Automation system
OMT Technologies
Booth N2908
Imediatouch 2.6: This automation software has added new features. The Non-Stop Broadcasting Auto-Failover hardware safeguard covers the station when there is a server problem. The update also includes improved satellite show recording for delayed playback, auto trim to fine-tune recordings quickly, auto resume to start the backup machine where the main server left off, a project editor to create shows quickly from multiple cuts, expanded Cart Chunk tag support to improve content ingest and new production features. In addition, the on-screen display has been updated with a new look.
fax 204-783-5805
[email protected]

All-hazards digital alert system
Global Security Systems
Booth N4208
GSSNet: This alert and notification system uses the existing nationwide FM broadcast infrastructure to provide messaging coverage and a proprietary messaging system that allows secured and encrypted data with layered and targeted messaging to personnel. Command and control centers are installed with full redundancy. Messages are transmitted from an FM radio tower to multiple receivers in the coverage area. Fixed-wireless substation receivers and wireless receivers are made available to be distributed to all counties and other jurisdictions throughout the state as defined by the authorities.
[email protected]

Audio editing software
Adobe Systems
Booths SL3732, SL186-MR
Audition 2.0: In Adobe Audition 2.0, a new low-latency mixing engine with ASIO hardware support allows greater creative flexibility, with real-time effects and input monitoring. Automatic delay compensation keeps everything in sync while you mix an unlimited number of tracks, including as many as 80 simultaneous input and output devices. The revamped mixer panel lets users set up the routing, using inputs, outputs, sends and buses. Parameter automation can be recorded and adjusted in the mixer itself, or in the new automation lanes in the timeline. Users can also add 16 sends per channel, providing techniques for mixing and monitoring sessions. Use CPU power more efficiently by creating sends on several tracks that go to a bus with a reverb or other effects applied. Or use sends and buses to create mixes for specific purposes, such as a mix-minus feed for a remote session.
fax 408-537-6000

AES/EBU surround format
Booth N3034
RF-64: D.A.V.I.D. has implemented the newly standardized RF-64 surround sound format. In cooperation with broadcasters, the IRT and EBU staff, D.A.V.I.D. engineers developed this new specification. It is available as an upgrade to all customers. The file format is designed to meet the requirements for multichannel sound in broadcasting and audio archiving. It is based on the Microsoft RIFF/WAV format and WAV Format Extensible for multichannel parameters. Additions are made to the basic specification to allow for more than 4GB file sizes when needed. The format is transparent to the BWF and all its chunks.
[email protected]

Low power bandpass filters
Shively Labs
Booth N1517
Model 2914-2, 2914-3, 2914-4: Specs of the 2914-2 filter are as follows: power handling is 1,000W; VSR at �100kHz is 1.03:1; typical insertion loss is -0.65dB; typical frequency response at �100kHz is -0.01dB; and inputs and outputs are Type N female. Specs of the 2914-3 filter are: VSR at �100kHz is 1.06:1; typical insertion loss is -1.15dB; and typical frequency response at �100kHz is -0.05dB; Specs of the 2914-4 include VSR at �100kHz is 1.06.1; typical insertion loss is -1.65dB; and typical frequency response at �100kHz is -0.08dB.
fax 207-647-8273
[email protected]

FM/HD Radio mod monitor
Booth N3206
Model 532: The company’s first product manufactured under license for Ibiquity’s HD Radio digital transmission system, the 532 measures parameters of the analog FM and the digital HD program channels, and includes a display of the occupied spectrum.
fax 831-458-0554
[email protected]

15kHz stereo codecs
Tieline America
Booth N3215
I-mix G3: Tieline Technology now offers IP-based connections with its G3 Commander and I-mix G3 platforms. The audio over IP capability allows stations to connect reliably over the Internet and deliver FM-quality mono and stereo audio for remote broadcasts. The new IP software has been integrated into the Tieline Commander G3 field codec and the I-mix G3 codec. Broadcasters can even go wireless over 802.11 Wi-fi.
fax 317-913-9615
[email protected]

Portable recorder
Booth N3518
PAW 120: Built on the success of the DR 100, which received a Pick Hit Award from Radio magazine at NAB2005, the PAW 120 will replace the DR 100 next year. The recorder features a built-in speaker, aluminum case and a dual-color LED display. The unit operates on two AA batteries batteries. The recorder appears as a USB removable external device for Windows and Mac. It records and edits linear PCM and MPEG compressed audio, supports the BWF file format, and stores audio to an internal 512MB flash memory. It features a built-in microphone and accepts a mono or stereo external microphone while providing phantom power. An AGC and voice-activated recording can be switched on or off.
fax 954-581-7733
[email protected]

USB Extender
Booth SL541
Wireless USB Extender: This prototype sends USB 2.0 signals as far as 30 feet with no cables. The sender and receiver eschew the traditional connector cable, instead tapping into ultra-wideband technology that requires no cables to transmit data.
fax 818-884-3108
[email protected]

Color analyzer
DK Technologies
Booth C2044, C2507A
PM5639/06: Designed to provide accurate alignment, this analyzer checks color temperature and luminance levels of LCD monitors. The system measures the x and y values in the CIE diagram, luminance in candela per sq.m. or footlamberts, and correlated color temperature of the monitor. A RGB bar graph display with zoom function makes white balance alignment easy and intuitive. The PM5639 family of color alignment products has its roots in the design of the original Philips color analyzer.
+45 4485 0255
fax +45 4485 0250
[email protected]

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