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‘License Agent’ Can Flag Competitive FCC Data

'License Agent' Can Flag Competitive FCC Data

What are the “other guys” up to? A new product from RadioSoft is intended to help your station keep track. The Florida-based company is offering a service that will permit tracking of FCC license data for AM, FM, TV and other parts of the spectrum. The License Agent tracks items of competitive interest, including “those that could cause potential interference or allocation problems with the subscriber’s facility or location,” the company stated.
The supplier says this is the first service generally available that covers all activity in FCC Parts 22, 73, 74 and 90 in a single format.
“License Agent is a first warning to allow ample time to allow further investigation when necessary. It can be used not only to identify potential interferers but to see the details of what is being proposed and the possible effects on the flagged site.”
The user enters a latitude, longitude and radius distance for each site he or she wants to flag, or the call signs of interest. Daily, weekly or monthly e-mails notifications are available.
“Any flag will generate an online list of information that pertains to a facility or market the user wishes to monitor. Flags are available for one site or hundreds of sites.” Pricing starts at $39.95 per month and varies based on the number of flags you want. Info: