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4FM Opts for Amek

4FM Opts for Amek

Brussels-based cable, satellite and Internet station 4FM recently installed two Amek consoles in its new, all-digital facility.
The station went on the air in September, broadcasting to both local listeners in Flanders and to Dutch-/Flemish-language speakers worldwide.
The 4FM studio facility is built around two identical digital broadcast suites, each equipped with an Amek DMS mixing system.
“With the Amek DMS, we have a high degree of integration with our Dalet system, general machine control and signalization,” said Wim Weetjens, founding partner of 4FM.
The 16-fader consoles use software macros to control all studio playback machines and also feature a seven-way talkback system for communication among the studio, newsroom and soundbooth.
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T. Carter Ross