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$55,000 Fine Proposed for WAVW, WCZR

$55,000 Fine Proposed for WAVW, WCZR

The commission proposed a total fine of $55,000 fine against Clear Channel subsidiary Capstar for apparently violating the broadcast indecency rule at Florida stations WAVW(FM), Stuart, and WCZR(FM), Vero Beach. Specifically, the broadcasts contained a dialogue between the hosts and a man and a woman while they were engaging in actual or simulated sexual intercourse, stated the agency in its decision.
The penalty is $27,500 for each station, the maximum allowed, because of a “history of indecent broadcasts by other licensees controlled by Clear Channel Communications, Inc., Capstar’s parent corporation.”
FCC Commissioner Michael Copps thought the fines should have been higher and the cases slated for license revocation hearings. He was pleased FCC decided to investigate the case without receiving a tape or transcript with a complaint. Martin said complaints without such accompanying documentation “should no longer be denied.”

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