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Algeria Stations Navigate Spanish-Language Interference

Countries cooperate in an effort to reduce frequency interference

Algerian airwaves are dealing with interference from Spanish radio stations and many Algerians feel that the Algerian authorities are doing little to stop the intrusion. The country’s broadcasting authorities however claim the situation is under control.

As Algeria’s local radio stations, mainly those located near the coast struggle to reach their public in the midst of Spanish-language intrusion, Abdelkader Messahel, Algerian minister of communication says “the issue has been brought to the attention of Spanish authorities and solutions are underway.”

According to Abdelmalek Hoyou, managing director of Algerian Télédiffusion, talks are going on between the two countries to limit the problem. “Since 2011 we have submitted approximately 54 complaints to the Spanish authorities regarding frequency interference,” he said. Thus far, 34 of the issues have been solved and he explained that they were optimistic for reaching full resolution as the Spanish administration has acknowledged the legitimacy of their demand.

While the Spanish government is doing its part by cracking down on the guilty stations that are based in Spain, some of the culprits are broadcasting from boats in the international waters of the Mediterranean and out of Spanish control.

Heading toward spring and summer, the interference is getting increasingly worse due to favorable weather conditions, which facilitate transmission. The TDA is thus taking necessary measures by “acquiring four mobile vehicles equipped with sophisticated gear so as to detect the origin of illegal radio transmissions and determine interference frequency identity,” said Hoyou.

 — Laid Zaghlami