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…And Fine for WKRK, WLLD

...And Fine for WKRK, WLLD

Infinity didn’t escape the FCC’s notice in its attempt to clear up a backlog of indecency cases. The agency proposed a $27,500 fine against WKRK(FM), Detroit for material that aired on “The Howard Stern Show”. The commission said the material in question included explicit and graphic sexual and excretory references.
The agency also affirmed a $7,000 penalty against WLLD(FM), Holmes Beach, Fla. for what it said was patently offense references to oral sex during a live rap hip/hop concert, “The Last Damn Show”.
The program aired in 1999. Infinity challenged it, and it took a total of 4 and a half years for the FCC to reach a decision on the case. Commissioner Michael Copps said that was far too long. He supports the indecency measure passed by the House that sets a limit of 180 days for such cases to reach conclusion.
Copps and fellow Commissioner Kevin Martin said the assessed fine should have been higher.