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Andrew Introduces Two Earth Station Products

Andrew Corp. debuted two earth station antenna products.
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Andrew Corp. debuted two earth station antenna products.

The Andrew 4-Meter Class High-Value ESA and the pre-engineered Earth Station Terminals are being introduced at a satellite convention in Washington.

Among likely applications is uplink transmission gear for radio satellite companies, though such dishes can be used for receive-only as well.

Andrew said its 4-meter system is suitable for emerging markets such as Africa, Latin America and Asia, and will replace the company’s 3.7-meter product. The company says it is more affordable and easier to use, with the ability to be installed without a crane and moved inside buildings via regular elevators and stairwells. Additionally, transport costs are lower because Andrew loads up to six units per 20-foot container.

Andrew’s Earth Station Terminals provide one- and two-way satellite communications for specialized businesses. They are a teaming of 4- and 5-meter class antennas, with standardized electronic packages to provide solutions for various bandwidth requirements.


Andrew Corp. Expands Base Station Antenna Line

Andrew Corp. says this will save money on feeders and jumpers and leasing costs for additional feeder cable, and allow less total wind load and a way to upgrade an existing GSM900 site with GSM1800 network hardware by replacing the antenna.