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Arbitron Reorganizes Marketing, Sales of U.S. Media Services

Arbitron Reorganizes Marketing, Sales of U.S. Media Services

Arbitron Inc. is realigning its U.S. Media Services organization to strengthen its marketing capabilities and to improve its support of current and future customers. The new structure integrates all U.S. Media Services marketing resources under a single executive and all U.S. Media Services sales organizations under a single executive, both reporting to Owen Charlebois, president, U.S. Media Services.
Charlebois said Arbitron’s “are demanding greater accountability throughout the buy-sell process,” ad many of them are focused on more than a single medium. The change, he said, would help Arbitron provide a more integrated set of customer services.
“As our customers build integrated organizations that include many media and as the industry discusses the possibility of embracing a single-source, multi-media measurement system, Arbitron needs to be organized to support that transition.”
Effective immediately: Scott Musgrave assumes the role of senior vice president, Marketing, U.S. Media Services and Carol Hanley assumes the role of senior vice president, Sales, U.S. Media Services.
Musgrave was formerly senior vice president and general manager, Arbitron Radio. He will head marketing efforts including radio station/group marketing; advertiser and agency marketing; product management and development; and customer service and support.
Hanley was formerly senior vice president, Advertiser, Agency and Cable Services, Arbitron. She will lead the sales efforts for all of U.S. Media, including local and group radio stations; national radio services; local and group agencies; and cable.
Musgrave and Hanley will continue to be based in New York and Chicago respectively.